How To Whiten Your Teeth

There are so many factors that can lead to tooth stains. Whether you’re eating or drinking something that’s a darker color (and no one wants to give up coffee or red wine), the likelihood of stains can increase.

So, how can I get my teeth as white as possible and can I whiten my teeth at home? More than 300 million American consumers have tried some form of teeth whitening including whitening toothpaste. So often we are promised a whiter smile from products on the market, but at what cost? Some charge a hefty fee, while others don’t deliver results and can even leave your gums and teeth sensitive.

The color of your teeth is often the result of natural pigment as well as stains trapped in your enamel. All peroxide gels that work to whiten teeth, work by forming hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is able to create “bleaching factors” that lighten teeth. The best whitening results are achieved only when these whitening gels are fully potent and are allowed extended time for these factors to diffuse thoroughly into the teeth. For this reason, when people ask,  “Can I whiten my veneers or bonding?”, the answer is no.

Unlike other whitening methods, KöR whitening system is backed by science and offers long-lasting teeth whitening results that won’t cause teeth sensitivity. KöR-Seal™ trays are designed to seal both saliva and sulcular fluid out of the whitening trays resulting in a thorough whitening, rejuvenating the enamel back to its youthful ability to whiten quickly.

At Domino Dental, Dr. Lilya Horowitz, a Brooklyn-based general dentist uses the KöR whitening system to provide a whitened perfection to our patients. Backed by science, this system was developed to directly target molecules in your teeth to avoid teeth sensitivity and provide longer lasting teeth whitening results. Contact us at Domino Dental to learn more about our KöR whitening treatment and schedule your appointment today.

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Dr. Lilya Horowitz,
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